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Nov. 29th, 2009


This Live Journal is dead

To a random visitor. You read right. I decided to abandon this blog and not to write a single thing ever again (most likely). I had fun in the past few years but this is it.

This accounts sole purpose, from this point on will be lurking only. However for the communities which have a "having an empty blog is a big no-no" entrance rule i can say that "i always comment when i feel there is something smart i can say and/or when i take something" as my only deface (whether you'll accept me in the community based on last two sentences is up to the moderators).

Regarding the community chrono_nanae of which i'm co-founder i'm still planing to lead and post regularly, if any of the member ever feels like i'm not appropriate leader anymore you're free to PM me or do anything else that you feel might be appropriate at that moment.

Short explanation for random visitor:
Year 2009 was quite a big brake in my life and even though it has not completely ended i do feel it split my life in 2 big parts. Based on that (i do not wish to say any details publicly) i decided to abandon all my internet activities. Better said my name Chibi-Chibi under which i'm most famous in internet communities at the moment. That means i'll close down all my blogs including umiryuu where i actually wrote informative posts only (no personal stuff) the only thing i will not abandon is my post as administrator of chibi R.I.P. since the Chibi-Chibi there plays a part of administrator and i do not associate that Chibi-Chibi with my personal persona as much as i do the rest. Also the atmosphere inside chibi R.I.P. is entirely different and has nothing to do with the rest of the things that happened to me in this year. This and certain sharing blog that i never publicly announced that it is actually mine.

I will continue my internet life at some point, however under different name(s) and it'll work under entirely different circumstances as it did until now.
If i did by some strange means managed to impress you to the point that you considered friending me until you saw this post PM me. To those of you that are interested enough i'll let you know where i'll continue my net life ... whenever that will actually happen.

Also please note that i'm always available for personal talks; i get notes in mail box, which i regularly check; whenever i get a PM.

This post will be open to comment until the 18.12.2009. That is also the day that all my old post will become privet and visible to me only.

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